Thank you for the Music!

Eastcoastdefector Rocks! xxx


This Christmas , the band of Fifer- lifers that are Eastcoastdefector  ,aka Alan Clarke, Kevin McCollum, Andrew Clarke and Albie Clark  , surprised all of us at Nicola's charity by offering the proceeds of the sale of their Christmas hit "Xmas at Home" to our cause.

Alan got in touch to let us listen to this 'one- off'  Christmas EP and suggested that the sale of this re recorded release might be used for some fundraising.

This is not the first time the band have sent their positive vibes and good music our way and we were delighted to accept their generous offer.

At the time , the band told us-

"Xmas at Home is a wee tale about being stuck at a very snowy Chicago airport , trying to get home , with the aid of some young defectors......... The song is available to download in aid of a very good cause close to our hearts."

So , we send two-fold thanks to our friends  Eastcoastdefector . Thankyou for their generous donation of their talent , time and money...... and thank you for the music!

The Nicola Murray Foundation , as always ,  wish them luck in their endeavours together.