Many Thanks Mossmorran Fife NGL Plant

For all the good you do for local charities.


The Nicola Murray Foundation was honoured to receive this donation from all the staff at Fife NGL plant run by Shell UK. The Mossmoran Sports and Social club donated the proceeds accumulated from their great number of 'Safety Days' to a wide range of charities including the Nicola Murray Foundation. The good work that these donations make to each local charity was evident and every charity spoke of the work they did and the difference the donations would make.


It was an honour to speak to the teams responsible for this funding and we were pleased to lay out the aims of our charity and the work it continues to fund in the important research being done at Edinburgh University.


Many thanks to the teams at the NGL plant that managed to raise such a fantastic amount of money for local charities , the team that organise the event every year and the kind nomination by Stuart Dalglish , who as worked for many years in Health and safety at Mossmorran and who has been a supporter of our charity since it was established 5 years ago.