Thank you Marc,Colin,Mark,Brendan,Steven and Jason x

Peru Cycle Challenge x


It was amazing to hear that,  even after the epic challenge in 2014  of the Kilimanjaro Climb in Tanzania ,  Africa  , Marc ,Brendan , Jason and Steven were planning to take on another 'once in a lifetime' world challenge on behalf of the Fuka Orphanage in Tanzania and the Nicola Murray Foundation.The donation made to both charities last year was significant and reflected the support they had from  family and friends. 

They were joined on this challenge by Colin and Mark who ,along with Marc Preston, represented the Destination Judo Family and the fundraising challenge they set themselves for the year.  Last year both the Fuka Orphanage and the Nicola Murray Foundation recieved a wonderful donation from Destination Judo after the fantastic support they recieved from family , friends , work colleagues and members of the judo club.

The group chose to split their sponsorship between the same two charities again this year. They had travelled to the Orphanage to see for themselves the good work going on there and were aware of the future plans for  the new  Nicola Murray Centre for Ovarian Cancer Research which is due to open in Spring 2016 in Edinburgh.

With a great degree of preparation ,  days, weekends and holidays were taken up in training for this gruelling challenge. Equipment and other baggage was kindly transported to and from the airport in the destination Judo Van and the boys headed out on the 31st October 2015.

The cycle took place over 10 days and stretched from Cusco , along the Inca trails throught the Andes to the head of the Amazon River. The group faced steep climbs at altitude over 4200m , continuous descents into the peruvian rainforest in all kinds of weather typical of the climate. The winding roads and hairpin bends offered a few hairy moments but no-one succumbed to injury and the group travelled, ate and camped together each night. 

We want to express our gratitude to all involved for the time spent preparing for this trip and for self funding this venture.The effort that Brendan , Jason , Steven , Colin , Mak and Marc put into this is much appreciated. 

Well done Everyone!