Louise Neville 5K Walk for Ovarian Cancer

Overwhelming support for Louise's fundraising event! Thank you! x


This walk was organised by the family and friends of Louise Neville to support the new Nicola Murray Centre for Ovarian Cancer Research which opened in May this year. We were first contacted by Jennifer Neville who was keen to co ordinate their efforts.

Louise Neville , family and friends appreciated the need for this centre and particularly wanted to make others aware of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer and support the research into more successful diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for women with this condition.

Louise bravely shared her own story with us here at the Nicola Murray Foundation and also in the local press so as to raise awareness of the signs of Ovarian cancer.

She told us

" After years of misdiagnosis, I was finally diagnosed with Stage Three C Ovarian cancer and have undergone treatment for 3 years now to keep it at bay. The New Research Centre will allow other women to access quicker diagnosis , hopefully resulting in successful treatment outcomes. Ovarian Cancer is the 'Silent Killer' and the awareness generated by the Foundation and the New Centre will help save the lives of many women "

You can read more of  Louise's courageous interview with the Edinburgh Evening news here. 


The event was brilliantly attended and at last count over 35 women walked from Torphichen to Lochote with Louise. The walkers enoyed a lovely buffet together at the Torphichen Inn where the fundraising continued with a fantastic Raffle. They were overwhelmed by the support recieved and many of those who attended were inspired to help the centre in the future.

We would like to thank  Louise for being so involved and open around this issue and her own health and Jennifer for getting in touch and keeping us informed of the success of this event.

Thank you to all those who took part in the walk and those who sponsored the 5K team.

After the event we were also contacted by Karen Lillie who nominated the Nicola Murray Foundation for a £250 community cash back reward from RBS where Karen works. This takes the total fundraising to £5,762 ! Amazing!