About Nicola Murray Foundation

Benefiting those with Ovarian cancer

The Nicola Murray Foundation has been set up in the Memory of Nicola Murray as a means to perpetuate the care and concern that Nicola showed to others in her life. She requested that any fundraising in her name should benefit those with Ovarian cancer.

Nicola Murray was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in January 2010, she sadly died on 28th April 2010, less than 4 months later, aged 34. The speed of the progression of her illness resulting in her death was a shock to everyone close to her.

Ovarian cancer is the fourth most common cause of death from cancer amongst woman in the UK as it has a highly aggressive natural history and causes almost 125,000 deaths per year worldwide. Around 1 in 10 women who develop ovarian cancer is known to have been born with a faulty gene that runs in her family.

The Nicola Murray Foundation is a registered charity with the intention to fund research projects related to ovarian cancer and HNPCC. HNPCC is a syndrome that greatly increases the risk of a person to bowel, womb or ovarian cancer at a young age. Research into the effects of this syndrome on ovarian cancer has been limited so far; this was a fact that Nicola recognised during her short illness

The Nicola Murray Foundation is working in partnership with Edinburgh University and the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre who have a longstanding interest in HNPCC such that they are the only institution in the UK to routinely screen all patients under 60 with colorectal cancer for these defects. There is therefore a unique opportunity to investigate the effects of HNPCC in ovarian cancer in order to pave the way for a similar approach to the management of ovarian cancer patients with HNPCC and better detect those patients with HNPCC.

All funds raised are channelled directly to Edinburgh University to fund doctors and researchers at the Edinburgh Cancer research Centre with the aim to improve the outcome for Ovarian cancer sufferers and those who carry HNPCC.

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